1. Kamias: Memory Of Forgetting
2. The Twelve
3. Greaseman
4. Pugot
5. “IDOL”: Hero/Villain: The Bayani S. Makapili True Story
6. Buryong
7. Kristo
8. The Profane And Senseless Passion Of Hesus Corazon Who, By The Disgrace Of God, Freezes The Heart Of The Loved One
9. The Family That Eats Soil
10. Vampire Of Quezon City
11. Three Days Of Darkness Zero
12. Bahag Kings
13. Goodbye My Shooting Star
14. Ultimo: Different Ways Of Killing A National Hero
15. The Longest Moment You’re Not Here
16. Squatterpunk
17. The Muzzled Horse Of An Engineer In Search Of Mechanical Saddles
18. Philippine Bliss
19. Overdosed Nightmare
20. Manila In The Fangs Of Darkness
21. Three Days Of Darkness
22. The Middle Mystery Of Kristo Negro
23. Cameroon Love Letter (for solo piano)
24. The Trial Of Mister Serapio
25. I Don’t Know You
26. Kommander Kulas: The One And Only Concert Of The Amazing Combo Of Commander Kulas And His Poor But Very Colorful Carabao In The Long And Unwinding Road Of Kamias
27. Son Of God [with Michael Noer]
28. Mondomanila: or, How I Fixed My Hair After A Rather Long Journey
29. Philippine New Wave
30. Manilanimal
31. Breather
32. Kalakala
33. Misericordia


The Wake (Burol)
Kites (Saranggola)

Death Of The President (Kamatayan Ng Presidente)
There’s A Soldier (May Isang Sundalo)
The Effect Of Beer On An Actor Portraying Hamlet (Epekto Ng Beer Sa Isang Aktor Na Gumaganap Kay Hamlet)

5 Shorts
Memory Of Dawn (Alaala Ng Madaling-Araw)

Sometime In August
Dog Day Afternoon
Pigs (Baboy)
The Electric Company’s Gonna Get Our Backyard (Kukunin Na Ng Meralco Ang Likod Namin)
Mr. Duck Egg Trilogy
Birthday (Bertdey)
Akong, The Dwarf That Is Not (Akong, Ang Duwendeng Hindi)
Sorry Ledh
Deaf Wish
What’s The Story? Morning Glory
My Room
1/4 Day In A Life
I’m Gonna Fetch Ledh From Church (Susunduin Ko Si Ledh Sa Simbahan)
Young Writers Interview

Amen, A Brown Comedy
Looking At The Mirror (Pagtingin Sa Salamin)

1.The Passenger: Moving Along


Barong Brothers
John Cage (Tungkol Sa Wala)

At Last (Sa Wakas)

Can & Slippers (Lata At Tsinelas)
Mondomanila: Institute Of Poets (Mondomanila: Institusyon Ng Makata)
Small Ali
I’m Not Batman (Hindi Ako Si Batman)
The Bag Is Closed But The Heart Is Open
The Rape And Murder Of Virginio And Virginia P.
Blood Stew (Dinuguan)

Rugby Boyz
Our Daily Bread
Victim 21
3rd Day Of Darkness
Shooting Star (Bulalakaw)
Bahag Kings
An Open Letter To All The Terrorists Of The World (Carta Abierta A Todos Los Terroristas Del Mundo)
Two Superheroes Taking A Crap, A Toilet Musical (Dos Superheroes Cagando, Un Musical De Mierda)
To All The Supergirls I’ve Loved Before (A Todas Supermenas Que He Amado)
Don’t Fall In Love With A Superhero (No Te Enamores De Una Superheroe)
The Superman Who Couldn’t Fly (El Superman Que No Podia Volar)
Waiting For A Superhero (Esperando A Un Superheroe)
Superhero In Bed (Superheroe En La Cama)
Superman In Love (Superman Enamorado)
Last Superhero (Superheroe Pasado)
I’ve Forgotten (Nakalimutan Ko Na)

Ultimo (aka Bravo)
Oldeastside (Matandang Eastside)
By The Suez Canal
Toxic Mango (The Incredibly Heart-Rending And Fantastically Forbidden Legend Of The Toxic Mango That Bestows A Multitude Of Lessons To All Brave Citizens Of The New Planet Alibuhod)
Soft Night
Isla Puting Bato (White Rock Island)
Love Is Brave (El Amor Es Valiente)

Zombie Mariachi
Kontra Madiaga
The Pushcart Family (Pamilya Kariton)
Dead Woman In My House (Patay Na Babae Sa Loob Ng Bahay)
He’s Aware, He’s Wrong (Malay Siya, Mali Siya)
Coffee Today Is Better Than Yesterday
Christmas Alms (Namamasko Po)
The Last Gag Of Buster Quizon (Nothing Funnier Than Unhappiness)

Kulob34 (Tatlumpu’t Apat Na Kulob)
The Drowning Sea (Ang Dagat Na Nalulunod)
The Launching


Adarna & The Memory Of Crystal (Adarna At Ang Alaala Ng Kristal)
Mondomanila Holy Drinking Water
Tony D & The Paranoid Squad
Son Of God [with Michael Noer]

A Dozen Stabs From A Wounded Knife: Ayuyang Renga (Sandosenang Saksak ng Sundang na Sawi: Rengga Sa Ayuyang)
Very Strange Day, With Bicycle
Kulas & The Last Playground (Si Kulas At Ang Huling Palaruan)
Khavn On Kidlat

Ruined Heart! Another Lovestory Between A Criminal And A Whore (Pusong Wazak! Isa Na Namang Kwento Ng Pag-ibig Sa Pagitan Ng Isang Kriminal At Isang Puta)
How To Raise A Smart & Happy Child From Age Zero To Five