Work with the given.
From location & props to cast & crew.
Shoot in one location only.
Or if you have several locations, draw a map.
Cartography equals cinematography.
Keep cast to a minimum.
No actors doesn’t mean no film.
One actor is more than enough.
Two is basic for dramatic conflict.
Three is a madding crowd.
Four is…
You get it.
Utilize location.
Maximize surroundings.
Shoot in your own neighborhood.
Be open to the intrusion of outside forces.
Let the world in.
Life as co-director.
Master the art of improvisation.
Concept must kill.
Compensate for the time constraint with a surfeit of creativity.
Creativity is free.
Use animals in interesting situations.
If you kill them, make sure the camera is rolling.
Cast beautiful people.
You may or may not have a screenplay.
You may or may not have notes.
Break the rules.
Actually there are no rules.
So make them up.
Then break them.
Use found footage.
Mondo bizarro.
Have a great crew.
Use your limits to your advantage.
Embrace them.
Play pingpong without a net.
Be open to mistakes.
In fact, exploit them.
If you don’t have good audio equipment, make a silent film.
Go crazy on sound design.
Use the noise.
Don’t pay people richer than you.
Pay kindness.
Crime does not pay.
If you want to get rich, don’t make crime films.
If the permit is cheap, get one.
If it’s expensive, shoot quick.
Run fast.
Life is short.
Have fun.
Utter beauty makes us speechless.
Mystery is spice.
Beautiful eyes are the key to great cinema.
The best blood is pig’s blood.
When you feel like garbage, jump in a garbage cart.
When you feel like shit, you know where to go.
Hang yourself on imaginary rope.
Animal love is supreme.
God is in the details.
Love, first and foremost.
Lick the devil’s left eye.
Great hair is essential.
When the day ends, the shoot ends.
Time’s up.
Game over.
Work with the given.